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Dare to Taste the Bold Side of Chicken

Buckle up, Des Moines! The Ornery Chicken isn’t your ordinary backyard bird. We’re here to shake up your mealtime with a flock of flavors that fight back. Ready for fiesty chicken that’s a peck above the rest?

Our Saga

In the midst of chaos, an idea hatched: to create a haven for the bold, the brave, and the downright hungry. The Ornery Chicken soared from a dream to Des Moines’ first virtual kitchen, serving up dishes that pack a punch and leave your taste buds begging for mercy.

What’s a virtual kitchen, anyway?

A virtual kitchen, also known as a ghost kitchen, is a culinary trendsetter that’s all about delivering deliciousness directly to your doorstep. Operating without a traditional restaurant setting, it focuses solely on online orders, curbside pickups, and deliveries. This innovative approach allows us to concentrate on what we do best: crafting mouthwatering meals that make your taste buds do the chicken dance.

the ornery chicken logo

Why No Dine-In or Walk-In?

At The Ornery Chicken, we’ve embraced the virtual kitchen model to streamline our operations and enhance our culinary creations. Without the distractions of a traditional dine-in service, our team can pour all their energy into preparing your food to perfection. This means every order is made with the utmost care and ready for you when you want it, where you want it. So, while you might miss out on dining in, you’re gaining a front-row seat to the boldest flavors in town, all from the comfort of your own nest.

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Why Fly with Us?

  • Boldly Crafted Bites: From wings that wage war on blandness to sandwiches that scoff at the ordinary, our menu is a manifesto of rebellion against the mundane.
  • Quality with Attitude: Only the freshest, sassiest ingredients make the cut, ensuring every bite is a testament to our unruly obsession with excellence.
  • Convenience with a Kick: Order online and get ready for a curb-side pickup or delivery that’s as feisty as our flavors. Partnered with DoorDash, GrubHub, and Toast for curbside pickup, we’re bringing the rebellion right to your doorstep.

Unleash the Menu

Embark on a taste odyssey with The Ornery Chicken. Whether it’s the searing heat of the Nashville Hottie or the comforting rebellion of The Crafty Mac, our dishes are a declaration of culinary independence. Find your flavor insurrection today!

The Ornery Chicken: Not just a meal, but a mutiny of taste.